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The Collector Source is a site operated by a collector, for collectors. It is the best and only resource of its kind for quality, collector grade, post war M1 Garand and 1903 stocks.  As a collector myself, I understand that authenticity is the most important thing when evaluating a collector grade stock. There are a lot of misrepresented, reproductions, and down and outright fake stamped stocks in the market. A potential collector has had to be extremely careful to find authentic parts, and reliable sellers while restoring their CMP rifle back to original condition.


  All stocks and parts sold through this site are guaranteed to be 100% authentic military surplus. The stamps and markings are guaranteed to be 100% authentic manufacturer/military markings as well. NO restamped stocks will ever be sold on this site.

We recommend other resources for items such as modern made replacement stocks and parts. Please see our links page.


The Collector Source is a family owned website. There is no storefront and we do not go to gun shows.  We process orders and answer questions in the evenings.  We are not firearms dealers, and only carry collectable parts and accessory items.

 M1 Garand stocks, salvaged carbine parts, and different items will be put on a few at a time as they are salvaged/photographed because of limited time constraints. Existing orders and shipping will take priority over adding new items and answering emails.Due to severe time constraints, and the large volume of orders and emails,  requests by phone or email for specific parts or general questions may go unanswered. Emails or calls concerning problems with an order received by the customer will have priority over all other contacts.

The Collector Source  has located a large source of Government demilled M1 carbines. These M1 Carbines were demilled sometime during the 1980's or 1990's along with many other types of weapons. The stocks and metal pieces were sold for scrap.

 News photo of similar demilling operations by a foriegn countryYears ago an older gentleman bought these railroad cars full of scrap metal and stocks. He was a machine gun collector so over the years he took the salvaged items for the BAR, Thompson etc and used them, The M1 Carbine parts have sat in a warehouse in NC for years.

I have been salvaging as many items as I can from these M1 Carbine parts. I remove the items that are still operational, clean them up and oil them.

Some of these M1 carbine parts require refinishing due to being stored loosely in a humid warehouse, so I have contracted with a professional military armorer to reparkerize the parts that require it.

Due to the time and work involved, items will appear on the website as I can get them prepared and posted. I will post pictures of each individual item. It is more time consuming that way, but allows the customer to know exactly what they are buying.

USMC photo of Marines shooting fish with M1 Garand---SHOOTIN' FISH---

  Shootin' fish erase a few idle moments for private Smith and Private first class Illing. Smith, who is shooting, practiced often with his M1 and once cut a coconut tree in half with ten rounds of ammunition. His theory is that "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"


USMC Photo June 7th 1944.

(No location given. It sure looks like the lagoon from the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway" though...)


 The Collector Source is a family owned side business. The "contact us" page is the best way to have a general question about items answered. If there is a problem with an order please call. If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will return the call promptly.

NO TELEPHONE ORDERS Please. We are not set up for that.
P (336)392-1359
Please use the CONTACT US page to ask specific questions about a particular stock or item.

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