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 Welcome to The Collector Source.   

The best resource on the internet for Post war M1 Garand stocks and other military surplus items.

 The Collector Source specializes in authentic, original condition, post war M1 garand stocks and other interesting military surplus items as they are available. We are not firearms dealers and do not sell firearms, or receivers of any type. This is a family business that developed from a hobby. I have been selling post war complete M1 Garand stock sets and M1 Garand stock related items on Ebay under the user name "FRODAWWG" for several years, and have been selling under the name "FRO" on many of the popular M1 garand discussion forums. I had over 2600 transactions on Ebay, with 100% Positive feedback, and have sold hundreds of M1 Garand collector stocks on the discussion forums and "for sale" boards.

The Collector source website is a family operated, side business.  I work a full time job and operate the website in the evenings. M1 Garand stocks, salvaged carbine parts, and different items will be put on a few at a time as they are salvaged/photographed because of limited time constraints. Existing orders and shipping will take priority over adding new items and answering emails. Due to severe time constraints, and the large volume of orders and emails,  requests by phone or email for specific parts or general questions may go unanswered. Emails or calls concerning problems with an order received by the customer will have priority over all other contacts.

Please check back often for new additions.

The M1 Grand parts, M1 Carbine parts, 1903A3 parts and surplus items on this website are guaranteed to be authentic. Feel free to browse the site secure in the knowledge that all the items are real and described as accurately as possible.






VCI linkWe have searched for several years for a VCI protective bag that is recloseable, foil lined, and affordable for the average collector.

Humidity and moisture control inside a safe can be a never ending battle, especially when you live in a humid climate like central NC.

These VCI bags provide a moisture resistant barrier that will provide protection for weeks, months and years.

This product was developed for the US Government. We are proud to use, as well as sell, this product.

My Collectable firearms are inside these bags in the safe now...

The M1 Carbine page inventory has decreased with the limited availability of parts. From this point forward there will be very little salvaged from the cut weapons.  There are still some slides, sights, bands, bolts and other accessory items. Most of these items are listed individually with photos so you can select the exact one that will match your rifle.

We also have a large inventory of ORIGINAL WWII ammo belt pouches  that can be used to store 15rd magazines for your M1 Carbine OR 8rd clips for an M1 Garand.

Please  follow the link to the M1 carbine page for pictures and ordering.


Many  items keep being added to the Accessories & Parts page. Please look it over for items that you may need. Most all of these items are New, Old Stock, and are taken from the original packages. Please read the individual descriptions for more information.

Here are some examples;



1903 & 1903A3






More items will be posted as they can be salvaged and cleaned so keep checking back!

Back of photo reads; "Pres Roosevelt looking over M1 Garand Rifle" "Oct 2 1940" "Aberdeen" ..Back of photo reads;

"Pres Roosevelt looking over M1 Garand Rifle"

"Oct 2 1940" "Aberdeen"  


 The Collector Source is a family owned side business. My wife and I work full time jobs during the day and most of the time I'm not able to answer the phone. The "contact us" page is the best way to have a general question about items answered. If there is a problem with an order please call. If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will return the call promptly.

NO TELEPHONE ORDERS Please. We are not set up for that.
P (336)392-1359
Please use the CONTACT US page to ask specific questions about a particular stock or item.

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Availability and pricing of all products are subject to change without notice.

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